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Host Meetings & Events


Most traditional office locations have meeting rooms for a reason. They’re essential areas to streamline thoughts, feelings, and information about specific topics in one central location without distraction. But for many organizations, making good use of an office meeting room can be challenging, especially if it doesn’t provide the comfort and amenities employees need for success.

The Square by Hines is a leading provider of professional meeting spaces and conference rooms for rent. Our locations in Houston, TX, Salt Lake City, UT, and Mexico City guarantee that you’ll find a meeting room in a high-traffic location that surrounds your team with success. 

What’s included?

  • On-site team for coordination and set-up
  • TV screen with HDMI TV projection
  • Teleconferencing and video conferencing capabilities
  • Dry erase boards and glass walls for writing space
  • Cafe and lounge amenities, coffee snack and beverages
  • Catering available upon request

Reach out to our team to explore our meeting room memberships and other flexible options. Book your conference room or find a meeting space for rent today with The Square!

Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms are available by the hour or day, meaning you can book a conference room for a last minute meeting or quarterly meetings you already have on the books. Our meeting rooms can accommodate groups up to 300. In addition, we have on-site support for any guest requests and state-of-the-art amenities to ensure your meetings operate without hiccups. Find your ideal meeting space for rent by contacting The Square today!

Companies looking to book meeting rooms in a flexible office environments know the importance of our offerings. As businesses grow, their needs change, and a flexible environment ensures that your team can easily meet those needs. Employers are hiring individuals from all around the country and the world, and having the ability to find an office meeting room in some of the biggest and brightest cities in the world is a luxury every business owner would appreciate. Looking for more reasons why you should secure a meeting space with The Square? Here are the many other benefits of our meeting spaces:

  • Convenience - Set up your meeting where, when, and how you want it.
  • Location - From Houston to Mexico City, your team has access to great views, culture, food, and networking opportunities with up-and-coming individuals in your industry.
  • High-quality tech - With some of the more advanced technological appliances and amenities on the market, The Square gives your team more ways than ever before to communicate thoughts and ideas.
  • Low Costs - Our meeting rooms provide access to the luxury of a quality downtown location without the price.

The ideal conference room makes meetings much more comfortable and convenient for your team. At The Square, our elegant business meeting rooms are catered to businesses big and small. With classical and advanced amenities and customization that stand out from the rest, there’s no reason you shouldn’t already have an office meeting room from The Square.

Book meeting rooms for your employees by reaching out to one of our representatives. With locations in Houston, TX, Salt Lake City, UT, and Mexico City, your new office space will be in the heart of bustling cities that grow as your business grows. Check out our virtual office, coworking membership, or dedicated desk memberships, and secure the workspace conference room of your dreams today!

Our Business Meeting Rooms Are Just a Small Part of The Square

At The Square, our spaces offer more than just business meeting rooms. Part of what makes us who we are is a dedication to providing your team with everything they need for success. This includes various amenities and tons of different types of office space.

Check out more of what we can do for you below: