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Coffee and Coworking: The Square's Guide to Washington DC's Best Coffee Shops in 2024
April 1, 2024

Coffee and Coworking: The Square's Guide to Washington DC's Best Coffee Shops in 2024

Over two billion cups of coffee are consumed daily, making it one of the top traded items worldwide with The United States, Germany, and France among the top consumers. This immense popularity is pushing coffee towards becoming the world’s favorite drink, even in places where tea used to reign supreme. But what's behind our endless love for coffee? It might be the unique taste, the energy boost it gives, or the way it brings people together. 

Let's discover how this age-old beverage complements the world of coworking, creating a warm environment where ideas brew alongside our favorite cups of joe.

The Origins of Coffee

The coffee plant originally comes from Ethiopia, where it was discovered for its stimulating effects. The journey from there to coffee shops around the world is filled with history and stories, including its role in religious ceremonies and its arrival in Europe, where it quickly became popular for both its taste and supposed health benefits. Early coffee houses were not just places to enjoy a drink; they were where business deals were made and where some of today's well-known financial institutions got started.

Coffee became crucial to the economies of several countries, with Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia leading the way in production. Despite its complex journey and the challenges posed by issues like climate change, coffee remains a vital part of global culture and economy.

The Current Brew: Key Coffee Statistics for 2024 

With around 400 million cups of coffee consumed daily in the US, let’s take a look at a snapshot of our current coffee culture: 

  • Widespread Enjoyment: An impressive 73% of Americans start their day with a coffee.

  • Quantity Quotient: 36% of respondents consume 3 to 5 cups daily.

  • Café Culture: More than half of the respondents (51%) visit a coffee shop at least once a week.

  • Spending Patterns: On average, 31% of consumers spend $11 to $20 a month on coffee for home brewing, while 51% make weekly purchases at coffee shops.

  • Flavor Favorites: Shot-flavored lattes top the chart as the most popular coffee order at shops, with preferences for taste (83%) and energy (67%) driving consumption.

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At The Square in Washington DC, you'll find large, communal kitchens where you can grab a cup of coffee, have a chat and relax.

Best Coffee Shops in Washington DC 

For members of The Square coworking space at the Bowen Building in Washington DC, the surrounding area is not just a hub of political and cultural activity, but also a home to a brilliant coffee community. Here's a small, curated list of standout coffee spaces in Washington DC, perfect for when you need a change of scenery or just a great cup of coffee:

Lost Sock Roasters

Proudly partnering with our coworking space, Lost Sock Roasters is a testament to the art of coffee. Visit for a genuine coffee experience in a cozy, plant-filled setting, where small-batch, sustainably sourced coffee meets a strong commitment to quality and community engagement. 


Colada Shop

This vibrant spot brings a slice of Cuban coffee culture to D.C. With its colorful decor and inviting ambiance, Colada Shop serves up a mix of traditional Cuban coffees, accompanied by a selection of Cuban bites, in a lively environment that's as much about community as it is about caffeine.


Peregrine Espresso

Perfect for those who appreciate the art of coffee, offering drinks made with attention to detail and beans of the highest quality. With knowledgeable baristas and a focus on high-quality beans, Peregrine Espresso is a favorite among those who appreciate the subtleties of expertly brewed espresso and pour-over coffees.



Maketto is a destination for those who enjoy coffee with a side of culture, in a space that creatively combines dining, shopping, and relaxation. Their cortado, made with beans from Vietnam’s Central Highlands and roasted by Grace Street Coffee, is testament to their commitment to quality. 


Call Your Mother

Known for its standout bagels and equally impressive coffee, a visit here promises a delicious start to any day. Call Your Mother collaborates with Lost Sock Roasters to offer a custom "Just Coffee" blend, aiming to modernize the classic diner and bodega coffee experience. This blend is characterized by its richness and cleanliness, avoiding any bitterness.



At The Square, our spaces are thoughtfully designed with modern, high-end furnishings to create a beautiful space perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Coffee and Coworking at The Square

At The Square, our approach to coffee and breakfast is guided by the simple belief that good days start with good mornings. We make sure that all of our members have access to quality coffee and a variety of breakfast options to kick start their day. 

Specialty Coffee, Expertly Calibrated 

We collaborate closely with local roasters whenever we launch in a new location. They come in, fine-tune our machines, and adjust the settings to perfectly match their beans. This process goes beyond just tweaking the equipment; it's about embracing the local coffee culture and making sure each cup of coffee at The Square tastes great. 

Local Roasters, Global Flavors

In our Houston coworking space, we're proud to serve coffee from AllCoffee Texas, while in Mexico City, we source our beans from Cafe Jekemir. Over in Washington DC, our coffee comes directly from Lost Sock Roasters, one of the city's top coffee shops (read on for more of the best coffee shops in Washington DC!).

Our 717 location also hosts Station 8 Coffee in the main lobby, where they're not just serving coffee but also sharing their craft. Their pour-over demonstrations have introduced our tenants to the details of coffee brewing, making the coffee break a highlight of the day.


Join us at The Square and book a tour today. Explore all of the coworking amenities available in our flexible workspaces, from state-of-the-art fitness centers to outdoor workspaces.