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The Square: Coworking Among the Best Businesses in Washington DC
February 9, 2024

The Square: Coworking Among the Best Businesses in Washington DC

Nestled in the heart of the city, The Square at the Bowen Building is surrounded by some of the best businesses in Washington DC. Alongside its proximity to many Fortune 500 companies in Washington DC, The Square has upscale restaurants, bars, and other establishments nearby, creating an integrated ecosystem that defines Washington DC's cosmopolitan charm. This strategic positioning makes The Square the ideal office space for those seeking a dynamic and sophisticated experience while working in the heart of the nation's capital.

Let’s take a look at some of the business opportunities and urban delights (think fine dining, specialty coffee and artisan pastries) that you’ll find all within walking distance of The Square at the Bowen Building.


Networking Hubs in Washington DC

The Square not only serves as a prime coworking space amidst the vibrant lifestyle of downtown Washington DC but also positions professionals and entrepreneurs perfectly for capitalizing on business opportunities, networking with industry leaders, and accessing a global marketplace. 

Washington DC's vibrant tech scene is supported by numerous meetup groups and incubators which host events, pitch sessions, and workshops. These gatherings are invaluable for those looking to connect with startups, venture capitalists, and innovators. Being in close proximity to these hubs enables professionals at The Square to immerse themselves in the city's entrepreneurial ecosystem, fostering collaboration and innovation.

DC Tech Meetup

The DC Tech Meetup, organized by Peter Corbett of iStrategylabs, gathers around 800 people from the tech world every other month. What sets this meetup apart isn't just the size; it's the focus on early-stage innovation. You'll find attendees showcasing their latest projects through demos or talks, which naturally opens up more meaningful conversations and a refreshing way to network.



Washington DC's strategic location and rich cultural heritage make it an attractive destination for businesses and professionals seeking to make a significant impact on both a national and global stage.

DC Night Owls

Strictly speaking not a ‘networking’ group, DC Night Owls is more accurately described as a coworking collective. Each week, between 25 and 60 of its impressive roster of 1,440 members gather to share and refine their ongoing projects, offering and receiving insights and assistance in the process.

Reflecting its name, the group convenes outside the conventional work hours, typically kicking off events after 8 PM across a variety of locations in the D.C. metro area. The nature of these meetups attracts a self-reliant crowd, including entrepreneurs and freelancers from a diverse range of professions.

Washington Network Group

The Washington Network Group offers a dynamic lineup of networking events, focusing next on sectors like government and international affairs. To join the fold, a membership is required, available for $90 annually on their website. With event attendance deliberately kept small, between 80 and 100 people, to foster meaningful interactions, it's wise to register early. This approach ensures a blend of depth and diversity in conversations.



Events in Washington DC, from policy forums to tech meetups, offer rich environments for building strategic partnerships and expanding professional horizons.


Restaurants near The Square

Surrounded by some of the best restaurants in Washington DC, The Square enables easy transitions from work to networking dinners, casual lunch meetings, or coffee breaks. The blend of a vibrant work environment with easy access to dining makes The Square an ideal spot for those looking to combine productivity with the opportunity to engage and network.

The Hamilton

7-minute walk

Near The Square, The Hamilton is a chic American eatery offering late-night delights and a live music space downstairs. With a fusion of enticing cuisine and live performances, it's the perfect spot to unwind after work, providing a harmonious blend of culinary and cultural indulgence in the heart of the city.

Opaline Bar and Brasserie

2-minute walk

Opaline Bar and Brasserie, a stylish French restaurant, is your go-to spot for upscale bistro fare and a versatile bar menu. With an airy ambiance and a charming patio, it's the perfect place to unwind after work. Whether you're savoring classic French dishes or exploring creative drinks, Opaline provides a sophisticated space to relax and enjoy the evening.

El Sol Restaurante and Tequileria 

17-minute walk

Craving authentic Mexican food? Check out El Sol Restaurante & Tequileria near The Square. Delight in chef-driven culinary excellence, a diverse selection of flavorful traditional dishes, and an extensive array of tequilas, all within a relaxed setting. It's worth the 17-minute walk as it made the list for ‘Outstanding Mexican Food in DC’.

Old Ebbitt Grill 

4-minute walk

The Old Ebbitt Grill, located just a 4-minute walk from The Square, is a legendary tavern that boasts Victorian-style interiors and is renowned for its American cuisine, featuring popular oyster specials. Awarded ‘DC's Best Oyster Happy Hours’, Old Ebbitt Grill has garnered excellent reviews, making it a must-visit for those seeking a quintessential dining experience in the heart of Washington DC.



Located at the corner of 15th and I Street NW, The Square is positioned in the bustling downtown area of Washington DC, a stone's throw from The White House.


Cafes and Bakeries near The Square

Just walking distance from The Square, you’ll find some of the best cafes and bakeries in Washington DC. These local favorites are great for starting the day with a strong espresso, discussing projects over pastries, or as a place to unwind and chat after a day's work. 

Seylou Bakery

25-minute walk 

Seylou Bakery distinguishes itself as the only bakery in Washington D.C. with an in-house mill, located in Blagden Alley. Emphasizing traditional baking methods, owner Jonathan Bethony mills whole grains and ferments bread before baking in an imported wood-fired oven. This approach produces standout loaves like pain au levain and einkorn. The bakery also offers whole grain sourdough pizzas on Wednesday nights, with pre-orders and delivery options available on their website. Its warm ambiance fosters casual meetings and collaborative discussions, aligning with the lifestyle of professionals who choose coworking spaces like The Square.

Compass Coffee

2-minute walk 

Compass Coffee is a perfect meeting spot for entrepreneurs and freelancers where you'll also find coffee experts concocting fresh flavors for the upcoming season. Compass Coffee, known for its minimalist decor and spacious setup, sources its beans globally. The consistent quality and the queue outside are testaments to its popularity. Don't miss out on the Nitro cold brew!

The Coffee Bar

12-minute walk

The Coffee Bar, locally dubbed "TCB," made its debut in 2012, carving out a niche for itself as a laid-back spot for coffee enthusiasts and newcomers alike. It's designed to be a welcoming space, where the camaraderie of a neighborhood hangout meets quality coffee. Offered with two different brewing times, their 24-hour cold brew captures a bright, fruity essence, and their 36-hour brew reveals deep chocolatey notes. The ambiance and top-notch brews might just convince you to stay a bit longer than you'd intended.


The Square Advantage

Choosing The Square as your office in DC means choosing more than just a place of work—it's a gateway to fantastic food, entertainment, and endless opportunities. Nestled in the heart of the city, The Square offers proximity to the best companies in Washington DC and a thriving location for amazing eats and entertainment.