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Why Hudson Square is the Ideal New York Office Location
May 28, 2024

Why Hudson Square is the Ideal New York Office Location

Located between SoHo and TriBeCa in Lower Manhattan, Hudson Square has evolved from a district known for its warehouses and printing presses into a vibrant hub for creative and tech industries. With its blend of historical charm and modern office spaces, Hudson Square stands out as an attractive location for businesses looking to grow in New York City.

Let’s take a look at exactly what makes Hudson Square the ideal location for office space in NYC.


A Strategic Location

Strategically positioned near SoHo and TriBeCa, Hudson Square offers proximity to some of Manhattan's most dynamic neighborhoods. SoHo's rich art scene and upscale shopping, along with TriBeCa's fine dining, provide lots of opportunities for networking and client engagement.

The neighborhood's excellent transit connections—including several subway lines and the PATH trains—make commuting straightforward for both employees and visitors.



View of Hudson Square. Source: 


An Office Space in Good Company

Hudson Square is quickly establishing itself as a focal point for innovation and creativity - and a prime location for NYC office space -  attracting an impressive roster of companies from the tech, media, and fashion industries.

Let’s take a look at some of the major businesses that have set up shop in this vibrant Manhattan neighborhood:

Google at St. John's Terminal

Google's new headquarters at St. John’s Terminal, 550 Washington Street, represents a significant development in Hudson Square. The building, originally a 90-year-old freight terminal, has been transformed into a modern office space that spans 1.3 million square feet. This site is now the heart of Google's New York operations and includes multiple facilities like event spaces, breakout rooms, and a Great Hall.

Disney's Move to Hudson Square

Disney is in the process of relocating its New York headquarters to 7 Hudson Square. This new facility will encompass an entire city block, providing up to 85,000 square feet per floor in a building designed to blend with the neighborhood's architectural heritage. The new Disney site will also include retail spaces on the ground level, using materials and designs to reflect the district's history.

Advertising Giants: Publicis and Havas

Publicis and Havas have both established significant presences in Hudson Square, capitalizing on the area’s dynamic atmosphere to fuel creative output. Havas has designed its office to promote a healthy lifestyle, complete with a meditation room and a weekly farmer's market.

Fashion Industry Presence

The fashion sector is growing in Hudson Square with major players like David Yurman and ESPRIT expanding their footprints. David Yurman has recently signed a 15-year deal to increase its headquarters space significantly at 200 Hudson Street. Nearby, ESPRIT has launched its Global Creative Headquarters at 160 Varick Street, marking a return to North America.



The new Google Headquarters at St. John's Terminal, 550 Washington Street. Source:


A Commitment to Community and Accessibility

Recent developments, driven by the local Business Improvement District, have focused on making the area more welcoming and safer. The $12 million upgrade of Hudson Street and new parks and plazas demonstrate an ongoing commitment to community well-being. The neighborhood's design is not only about aesthetics but also functionality, facilitating easy movement for pedestrians and cyclists.


Historical and Cultural Depth

Originally known as the Printing District due to its dense concentration of printing and publishing businesses, Hudson Square has retained its character while adapting to current market needs. The area's transformation in recent decades underlines its ability to evolve, merging its past as a commercial powerhouse with a present that embraces media, technology, and creativity. With notable past residents like John F. Kennedy Jr. and Jean-Michel Basquiat, the area is also a part of a rich cultural history.


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