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Benefits of In Person Meetings
December 30, 2023

Benefits of In Person Meetings

In today's business world, employees can collaborate effectively and complete tasks without physically sharing the same workspace. Remote work has become increasingly prevalent, with more than 40 percent of American workers now engaging in remote work at least some of the time, with up to a third of workers spending 80 percent of their working hours outside traditional offices.
However, amidst this technological revolution, research consistently highlights the irreplaceable value of face-to-face meetings. Over 80 percent of executives prefer in-person meetings over virtual alternatives. They stress the ability of in-person interactions to facilitate crucial, timely business decisions and foster intricate strategic thinking among the key benefits of in-person meetings.
The advantages of in-person meetings extend beyond their professional implications, encompassing intangible aspects that significantly contribute to success. Whether it's making new connections over a casual drink after work or establishing trust through a simple handshake and conversation, the impact of in-person interactions extends beyond the boundaries of the conference room.
Such meetings enhance effective communication and play a pivotal role in building robust relationships and fostering heightened engagement amongst your team. Mastering the art of conducting productive face-to-face meetings is essential to promote enhanced workplace communication and contribute to your objectives.



Over 80 percent of executives prefer in-person meetings over virtual alternatives.

A comparison between the benefits of In-person meetings vs Virtual meetings

In-Person Meetings

Virtual Meetings

Enables the interpretation of body language for more effective communication.

Lacks the advantages of body language, making communication more difficult.

Foster personal connections and trust due to the ease of communication.

Often suffer from technical issues like poor internet connectivity and video/sound problems.

Allow for impromptu discussions and quick problem-solving, increasing productivity.

Tend to lead to distractions and multitasking, reducing productivity.

Encourage focus and interest, as a personal touch is present.

Lack of the personal touch of face-to-face meetings, potentially leading to decreased engagement.

Minimize disruptions, as technical issues are less common, enabling free communication.

Experience more disruptions due to technical difficulties, inhibiting creativity.

Additional Benefits of In-person Meetings

  1. Enhanced and Clear Communication

In-person meetings facilitate more transparent communication through nonverbal cues, body language, and the ability to ask questions instantly, reducing the risk of misunderstandings often associated with written communications such as texts and emails.

  1. Boosted Idea Generation

Face-to-face ideation sessions allow all participants to share their thoughts and build upon each other's ideas. It's easier to recognize when someone has finished speaking, making it more helpful for others to contribute without interrupting.


In-person meetings facilitate more transparent communication 

  1. Increased Active Participation

Actively engaging in meetings is crucial for their effectiveness. Face-to-face interactions encourage participants to be fully present in discussions, discouraging the tendency to hide behind screens. This physical presence promotes more involvement, leading to a richer and more fruitful exchange of ideas and better outcomes.

  1. Strengthened Interpersonal Bonds

Meeting colleagues and clients in person creates a genuine human connection that is challenging to replicate online. In-person team-building activities, for instance, allow individuals to interact personally, speak with everyone individually, and foster authentic relationships, ultimately contributing to a more cohesive team environment.

  1. Minimized Distractions

Being physically present in the same space makes capturing someone's undivided attention easier. Face-to-face meetings help participants maintain focus, reduce external distractions, and mitigate the temptation to multitask, resulting in more effective and efficient discussions.



Meeting colleagues in person creates a genuine human connection that is challenging to replicate online.

Choosing the Right Venue for Your Face-to-Face Meetings

While you have the flexibility to hold in-person meetings anywhere, opting for a rented conference or meeting room by the day or the hour is the optimal approach for reuniting your team. A dedicated space helps streamline discussions and information related to specific topics without disruptions. This is why The Square offers professional meeting spaces and conference rooms for rent. With locations in Washington, D.C., Houston, TX, Salt Lake City, UT, and Mexico City, we ensure you'll find a meeting room ideally suited for your team's needs.