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Beat the Heat in Houston
July 25, 2023

Beat the Heat in Houston

We all know that Houston in the summertime is oh-so-hot, but this year’s has been a real scorcher. Reaching 100℉, temperatures in the city have been almost unbearable, with forecasters unable to confirm an end to it soon. Most people escape by flying over to Mexico for some cooling sea breeze on the beach, but for those remaining behind the heat and humidity can be stifling. So, we have rounded up the best places to stay cool in Houston during this heatwave.


Why is it so hot in Houston

Houston has a sub-tropical climate with relatively high humidity levels, so hot summers are typical. However, heat warnings have been issued during this unprecedented heat wave, with Mayor Sylvester Turner urging residents to take it seriously and cautioning that safety measures should be taken. So why is this? A warming of the ocean surface El Niño is creating the heat by affecting the global atmospheric circulation - at its strongest it can cause a huge impact, and this is not only being seen in the US but globally too. 


How to stay safe in the Houston heat

According to the CDC, there are measures you can put in place to protect yourself from the heat: 

  • Stay in air-conditioned places 
  • Drink water often, even if you don’t feel thirsty
  • Wear loose-fitted, light clothing 
  • Don’t leave children or pets in cars 
  • Plan outdoor activities carefully 
  • Check in on your friends and neighbors, and ask them to check on you too 

Post Houston 

A food, culture, and recreation hub, Post Houston has all sorts of fun activities to participate in while trying to stay out of the heat. From rollerskating to community gardening to art, there is enough variety to satisfy everyone and there is a selection of fantastic restaurants when you’re ready to relax. The kitchen of Post Houston is led by James Beard and Michelin-starred recipients with an international menu, which is perfect for a large group of people with different tastes. Once it starts to lower in the evening, you could head up to the rooftop garden of Post Houston to take in the gorgeous views of the city. 


The Galleria Mall 

Spending the day indoors avoiding the heat in Houston can become tedious, and you may wish for a change of scenery. The Galleria Mall is the largest mall in Texas and has a wide variety of shops, eateries, and luxury outlets to stave away boredom. You could wander around in air-conditioning and do a spot of shopping before treating yourself to a delicious lunch.


Segunda Swim Club 

There is nothing like diving into some cool water on a hot Houston day. Luxurious El Segundo Swim Club is a day club for those looking for an outdoor pool in Houston. Not only can you hang out and swim, but really indulge yourself lounging poolside in a hammock or cabana while sipping cocktails. This is the VIP way to beat the heat! 


The Marriot Marquee Houston

With a lazy river in the shape of Texas, an infinity pool, and a stunning view of Houston, The Marriot Marquee Hotel is a perfect way to spend a hot day. Considered one of the best pool hotels in Houston, day passes are available to spend morning until night there, and you could even splurge on a spa treatment before enjoying an al fresco dinner as the day cools to a more tolerable temperature. 


Canyon Lake 

With its glistening, crystal-clear waters, Canyon Lake is a beautiful, scenic place to cool off. Although it's a few hours’ drive from Houston, getting out of the sweltering city for a day of nature takes the edge off the heat. Picnicking, diving, boating, and fishing are all available, making it a great destination to spend time outdoors and away from the bustle. 


The Square at 717 Texas and The Square at Texas Tower

If you usually hold business meetings outdoors, you can book meeting and conference rooms by the hour at The Square. Fully airconditioned, utilize the space along with The Square’s full business support while it is unsafe to spend time outdoors. 

For more information about The Square, contact us or book a tour.