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6 Must-Have Types of Corporate Office Amenities for 2024
December 17, 2021

6 Must-Have Types of Corporate Office Amenities for 2024

Office amenities help define and enhance the atmosphere of a space. They’ve always been an important factor in reinforcing office culture, especially when it comes to creating positive employee experiences. Landlords have also been in an “amenities arms race” to attract tenants to their buildings — which is great news for those who are looking for a great office space.

What an office can offer employees has become even more important, as amenities can directly contribute to the success of an office space and those that work there.

What unique office amenities really matter to employees now that they’ve had some WFH experience and the office is seen as less critical to operations?

Why are amenities more important than ever?

The new popularity of hybrid work models and flex scheduling gives the office new significance in the professional world. A workspace is no longer a second home, but more of a hub where collaboration is curated and focus work is enabled. As a result, the new office space needs to meet new expectations. 

Amenities play a big part in shaping the everyday experience of members, and will likely be a big factor for employees deciding to come into the office. An attractive office experience will stimulate employees by providing tools and spaces where they can do their best work. It will also limit friction and address the hassles that may arise from at-home work — poor internet connectivity, loneliness, and distractions, to name a few. 

However, office amenity trends move quickly and many businesses are left scrambling to make their physical office space suitable for the new paradigm. How can your company get an edge on the competition?

Must-have amenities for modern office spaces

The best amenities are ones that employees actually care about. Amenities need to address the needs of your team and help you get through each day as easily as possible while reducing friction, increasing connections, and more. 

The main categories of amenities are functionality, flexibility, wellness, engagement, accessibility, and variety. Here are some examples we think will be most important for providing a positive workplace experience now and in the future:

1. Functionality — The office space itself should meet the functional needs and timeline of your team, with an aesthetic that matches your culture. Find a space that speaks to your company’s culture and personality. That may include:

  • Private meeting and conference rooms 
  • Enterprise-level WiFi to ensure you never have to deal with slow connections 
  • Dining options in the building and nearby
  • Furnished office options

2. Flexibility87% of companies intend to change their real estate strategy post-pandemic. If that’s a possibility for your team, it’s important to keep your workspace as flexible as possible. That includes:

  • Lease term
  • Layout
  • Technology
  • Size/scalability

3. Safety and wellness — Safe and clean spaces are more important now than ever for teams working inside. Both physical and mental health should be decisive factors in selecting a workspace, and amenities that provide for needs outside of work directly are imperative.

  • Improved HVAC, ventilation, and regular deep cleaning prevent the spread of disease, which makes workers feel more comfortable while keeping them healthy and safe. 
  • Green space and fresh air can do wonders for a person’s overall feeling and well-being.
  • Convenient outdoor space where employees can get some sun and take a break is essential for promoting good mental health.
  • Greenery indoors and out can give a more natural feel to an office environment.
  • An on-site fitness center allows employees to take care of themselves, even on a busy day. 
  • Mother’s room and wellness rooms to provide private spaces when needed.

4. Engagement — Creating connections with others on your team can help build an atmosphere where people want to be and where they can make meaningful connections with others.

  • Common spaces allow people to meet with one another to collaborate. Equally important, they provide a setting to unwind, socialize, and build the kind of connections that create a good company culture.
  • Hosting events to allow for networking, entertainment, or just a good break from the everyday. 

5. Accessibility — Creating opportunities for people to get to work in multiple ways depending on what’s best for them ensures a space that works for everyone. Find an office that is easy for multiple types of transportation: 

  • Public transportation access
  • Bike storage
  • Ample parking 
  • The walkability of the location to other common necessities like grocery stores and restaurants is also a great incentive for workers to come into the office. 

6. Variety — Whether your team needs open space to be creative and brainstorm, or quiet time to hammer out some tough proposals, having a variety of spaces to choose from will ensure your space meets your needs.

  • Private phone call booths
  • Conference rooms for meetings
  • Advanced technology for connecting with remote teams


The future of work looks a lot different than many business leaders would have predicted a few short years ago. No surprise that the office is changing to meet these new demands.

When selecting a new office for your team, it’s important to put your priorities at the forefront of your decision-making process. Finding the right amenities to make your employees feel comfortable and engaged isn’t easy, but thankfully there are buildings like The Square in Houston that make it easy.

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