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Flexible workspaces to exponentially enhance your businessbusiness, team, enterprise, creativity, productivity

With exceptional service, on-demand workspaces and modern workplace amenities, The Square is a flexible office solution for today’s hybrid workforce.

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Work how you want

Finding an office for rent doesn’t have to be difficult. With a wide variety of flexible workspace solutions, your team is guaranteed to have the right amount of space for all your business needs.

The Square is a new kind of workplace.



Built for flexibility

The Square is designed to support teams of any size — from individuals looking for a private office for a few days each month to large enterprise teams seeking dedicated space to support their business priorities.



A place to thrive

The Square is designed for creativity and productivity, with spaces for full-team engagement and focused work. Exclusive to Hines buildings, The Square features only the highest-quality amenities and services.



Hospitality forward

The Square delivers a  world-class workplace experience. From food and beverage to wellness activities and events, we provide a refreshing professional environment that improves employees’ productivity and enhances their lives.

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Are you looking for a private office coworking space? Our private offices and work spaces for rent allow for coworking compatibility in an intimate setting that mimics whatever energy and vibe you imagine for your office. As fun as collaboration can be, sometimes all you need to crank out some hard work is a bit of private office time. We offer small private office space for rent, and you can even rent an office for a day to provide a comfortable environment for employees to work throughout the toughest of days.

At The Square, a huge part of our flexible workspace experience is creating an environment where your employees can get things done. Our private offices give you flexibility and allow for dedicated work environments for all.

Accelerate your company’s growth by creating a satellite office hub for your employees in any location. Our flexible satellite workspaces are built with your business in mind, consisting of the ability to house one employee or an entire department at a time. We make expansion possible by giving your business a hub to branch off, access to more talent, and an opportunity to leave your footprint on a new community in ways you never thought possible.

What's an office space without room for a few meetings? Collaborating with your team is the best way to brainstorm and develop the ideas that take your business forward. Our flexible office spaces for rent come with meeting room rentals for your teams that help them thrive just like they would in your home hub. You won't miss out on employee productivity, and with the customizability and variety of meeting rooms, your employees will all beg for a glimpse at your new shared workspace.

At The Square, we are more than just a flexible workspace. Our shared office space gives you the ease of use, variety, and flexibility to house employees of any amount. From food and beverage to wellness activities and events, we provide a refreshing professional environment that improves employees’ productivity and enhances their lives. Ask about our flex workspaces for rent, and flex office spaces for lease, or ask about how you can rent a desk for a day for even the smallest of tasks. No matter what you need, The Square is here to change the game and reimagine how your company operates for good.

Agility on demand

Agility on demand

From the global real estate firm Hines comes dynamic and flexible workspaces in Houston and Salt Lake City for your modern enterprise. The Square is flexible, built to expand and contract with the needs of your business. It’s as sophisticated and functional as the buildings for which Hines is known — tuned to your exacting and ever-changing requirements. 


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Brokers and agents

Hines is a trusted partner of brokers across the globe. Learn how The Square can give your clients the flexibility they need.
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Hines tenants

Hines tenants are leveraging The Square to solve for flexible workspace needs across their portfolios.
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